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Here it is, after 4 months of growing weather.  The garden faces due east and is protected on 3 sides, so it thrived victoriously—spring frosts notwithstanding.  Our hot, humid summer has agreed with this garden, as it gets sun in the morning and shade from 1:00 p.m. on.

The rose bushes which were decimated by slugs have been restored, and they are blooming in there among the other perennials and herbs.  For an account of the rebirth of the roses, and a photo of them in all their new glory, see http://northernreflections.wordpress.com/

Every day I glean messages, inspiration, and a fresh sense of wonder from my gardens.  I have several around our part of our condo, but this patio garden pictured above is my favorite because—as you can see from the photo—it’s an extension of our living room.  The little garden is with us every day, all day, and we love it.

Margaret L. Been, ©2010

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