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Here is our view at dusk, over the bay at our northern home.  The original photo is beautiful, but not quite so colorful.  I beefed up the color, and also added the stars, on my HOME PHOTO STUDIO program.

I have a couple of friends who are so vehemently opposed to computers that they wouldn’t be caught dead accessing a website or reading a blog.  Yet these friends enjoy my printed out art and photos, sometimes digitally enhanced and glued to cardstock.  I’ve not bought any note papers or stationery for years, as my originals are fun to produce—and my note papers are appreciated.

Since 1995, when I got my first computer (of which I was terrified at first) I’ve enjoyed opportunities for learning, viewing art, and listening to music which I never before dreamed of.  It baffles me how anywould think our technology is “cold and impersonal” when it brings so much life, vitality, and creativity to our fingertips!  I cannot get to art museums, and even our local libraries are limited in art literature—yet online I can find centuries of “immortality” in the arts.

Technology has opened a wonderful world of sharing!  🙂

Margaret L. Been, ©2011

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