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A week ago we were sweltering in Southern Wisconsin’s famous heat and high humidity.  Then suddenly we experienced the annual turning, always around Labor Day weekend and always exciting to behold! 

Now the days are once again crisp, and the wind is whooping through our “wind tunnel”—that alley space between our condo building and the units across the way.  I love the wind tunnel and the whooshing, rattling noise it makes as it passes through, bombarding the aluminum panels outside our bedroom wall as we drift off at night.

The park beyond our front door has once more come to life with fall activities.  It was a mecca for softball games and happy gatherings through July, but grew strangely quiet during the August weeks of brutal heat and humidity.  Now the park hums once more.  We never lived beside a park before, and can’t get over how much fun it is.  We take our visiting great-grandchildren to the playground there, and they’re convinced that it is our very own park!

The path around the park will continue to be a haven for dog walkers, until winter descends with its treacherous ice.  As well as walking our Baby Dylan around the park, we relax in our living room, or on the patio, and watch the dogs trotting by.  Dylan responds to the sight and smell of every canine with a low, ominous rumble from deep inside his throat.

My garden still thrives when watered, but it is desperately trying to say, “Please, let me go to bed now”—with the exception of the newly planted mums who love the cool autumn air, and promise to color our sweet little world for many weeks to come.

Suddenly I have this craving for anything to do with apples—apple cider, applesauce, apple crisp dessert, and that great fruit all by itself.  Our local apples will mature to tangy excellence after the first frost.

There are more kinds of apples than (as my mother would have said) “you can shake a stick at.”  My all-time favorite always has been (and will be) the honorable MacIntosh.  Maybe that’s due to shades of my Scottish heritage surfacing after all these centuries.

We have a tradition of going appling with our son, Eric, and his wife, Cheri.  We did this for years when their children were growing up.  What memories we have of apple outings with the children.  When we moved up north for 8 years, I grieved every autumn—thinking of not being able to go appling with Eric and his family. 

But now we are back here again, and—as of last autumn—the tradition was resumed,  Although their children (3 of our 13 grandchildren!) have grown up and gone on about their lives, Eric and Cheri look forward to appling as much as Joe and I do.  Come the first frost, we’ll be off to Walworth County with our loved ones—appling again!

Margaret L. Been, ©2010


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