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Summer Saturday

Many of us who love to make art will invariably respond to the season we are in and what is going on outdoors.  My most beloved seasons are Summer, Spring, and Autumn.  There is a fourth season in Wisconsin which I really don’t care much for.  I have lived with Number 4 most of my life, and compensate by concentrating on its pristine beauty.  But beauty devoid of bodily comfort can leave one cold, and that’s exactly what a Wisconsin Winter does to me when I am out in it—at least on days below 20 degrees and especially during those spells of 10-20 degrees BELOW ZERO.

I’ve painted some winter scenes, but quite honestly they make me shiver when I look at them.  Consequently indoor still lifes make a better alternative from November through March (sometimes overlapping at each end).  There is something about rendering tea cups and a vase of flowers on a wrinkly table runner (no matter how abstract) that warms my heart on a chilly day.  Or I’m also apt to paint an outdoor patio and iced tea scene smack in the bare bones of winter as a kind of escape, much more pleasant to me than the concept of traveling on a cruise ship carrying hundreds of noisy people engaging in mindless “vacation fun”.  Better to be at home with silence, solitude, and a depth of life quality (even when cold) than warm and jammed in a vacationing mob—or any other kind of a mob for that matter.

Meanwhile, outdoor living in my good seasons offers plenty of subjects for art.  A favorite subject—especially toward autumn—is local produce.  We have a farmer’s market just 6 minutes from home.  A delightful Summer Saturday morning begins with coffee and rolls, quiche, or whatever, at a bistro in Delafield—followed by a short (less than one block) stroll to the market.  Along with produce, some cutesy craft items are sold there—and a local guitarist strums and sings, adding an extra dash of ambience to the morning.

Voilà the above watercolor on YUPO® paper, titled “Summer Saturday”.  Small town living is hard to beat in any season!

Margaret L. Been, 2013


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