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I will sweep my rooms,

tend my cloistered garden, brew my tea . . .

and one who mocked my dreams will never know

the heart of me.

© Margaret Longenecker Been

Published in MORNING IN MY EYES . . . poems of the meadows, rivers, woodlands, and seasons of life, by Margaret Longenecker Been.

Note:  A few years ago my musically gifted granddaughter, Nicole, set the words to a four-part madrigal which she composed specifically for the poem.  That is the greatest honor I’ve ever received in connection with my poetry!  MLB

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Deep Calleth Unto Deep 

“Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of Thy waterspouts . . . .”  Psalm 42:7

Tragedy . . .

buried life in stagnant pond,

dammed by engineering feats,

held in reservoir, agonizing

to flow free in undiverted channel

to the sea.

© Margaret Longenecker Been 

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If you follow my http://northernreflections.wordpress.com/  blog, you will see that I’m on a water kick.  In all seriousness, I know that “water on the brain” is a very crucial condition—but I think I have the mild form:  thinking about lakes, rivers, and oceans.  Even our little pond with a fountain in our community, even my indoor fountain and the larger one on our patio, even our fresh well water from the tap—all are very exciting to me at this moment.  Must be spring.

Here is a poem to go with today’s watercolor on Yupo (which I’ve posted before, but maybe not on this site):

The Earthen Vessel

I like to think the Potter made

this earthen vessel from Iron Country clay,

mixed with sand from Superior’s shore,

studded with agate for Beauty’s sake,

timeworn smooth in the tumbler of the lake . . .

then thrust upon a bank, to dry

in sun and wind ‘neath a pine-splashed sky,

and settled at last—and silently—

in a driftwood house, for Eternity.

©Margaret Longenecker Been

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The Evangelist 

Quagmired in stagnant bogs,

Eons old

And motionless

The cattails stand

Where no wind blows

When—meadow born—

A redwing lights

On solitary reed,

Proclaiming joyously

The news!


 © Margaret Longenecker Been

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Star Shadows 

Tiny child, lost in sleep—

 inexorable sleep

winged on Hebrew lullaby . . . 

Did one small hand emerge in sleep 

from swaddling cloth,

a tiny starhand

 turning under stable-filtered light

 of greater star?

 And did that greater star

 spill shadows on a mother’s pondering?

 As she grasped the starhand, did she see

 a shadow path from Heaven

 to Calvary?

 ©Margaret Longenecker Been

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The Evangelist

Quagmired in stagnant bogs,

Eons old and motionless

The cattails stand where no wind blows

When—meadow born—a redwing lights

On solitary reed,

Proclaiming joyously the news!


Margaret Longenecker Been, ©1996

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